Entrepreneurs’ relief - Too much cash in the company?

Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) has probably become the most well-known of all the capital gains tax (CGT) reliefs among practitioners and taxpayers alike. This is no doubt due to the generosity of the... Read more

Deeds of Variation – Excessive tax planning?

Tax planning continues to be a ‘hot topic’. The government is committed to clamping down on “aggressive tax planning”. In addition, these days the term “excessive” tax planning is often used,... Read more

Important changes for small company reporting

On 16 July 2015, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) issued the new UK GAAP which will apply to the small companies’ and micro-entities’ regime.  The issuance of these new frameworks marked the end... Read more

VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

From 1 January 2015 new VAT rules were introduced which affect all businesses selling broadcasting, telecommunications and e-services to non-business customers (B2C) in other EU countries.   It does... Read more

Capital allowances on property purchases: no second chances

In recent years, developments in the capital allowances world have stemmed largely from statute.  This is a major change from how it used to be. Traditionally, statute remained largely untouched year... Read more

Tax planning: HMRC attack strategies

These days, the public’s general perception of ‘tax avoidance’ possibly evokes thoughts of ‘dodgy’ schemes offered by unscrupulous advisers. This is perhaps unsurprising, given the extent of negative... Read more

Help to Buy ISAs

Budget 2015 contained proposals for a new Help to Buy ISA, designed to help first-time buyers save a deposit to purchase their first home. Broadly, from Autumn this year, most first-time buyers will... Read more

CGT could be target in Summer Budget

During the recent General Election campaign, the Conservative Party promised not to raise the rates of VAT, national insurance, income tax, or corporation tax. Following their success in achieving a... Read more

Back to basics

With the proverbial dust now beginning to settle after an unpredicted General Election result what does this mean for tax policy? Conservative manifesto pledges did not propose any radical changes in... Read more

No more non-doms…

Tax will always be a political football, and in recent times, those fortunate enough to be considered non-doms will have felt like they have been kicked around more often than most – and sadly (for... Read more

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