Budget 2016 Summary

A review of some of the key announcements in the 2016 Budget. Read more

Practical Pension Scheme Accounting: Are you up to date?

The new pensions SORP is now in place and Crowe Clark Whitehill are authors of “Practical Pension Scheme Accounting”, a book that provides guidance on the implementation of the new SORP requirements.... Read more

Incorporation and the dividend tax regime

Mark McLaughlin points out that the proposed new dividend tax regime should not necessarily be seen as a stumbling block for unincorporated business owners seeking to incorporate, but that any... Read more

Mistake and rectification

When Peter Robin Hood Hastings-Bass died, he gave rise to the principle that robbing the rich - the Inland Revenue in those days - to assist the relatively poor - his family - could be successful,... Read more

The 3% SDLT surcharge on second homes

Over Christmas the Treasury issued their promised consultation document on the 3% SDLT surcharge that comes into effect on 1 April 2016. Read more

Review of the Year 2015. The Highs and the Lows...

Nick Parkes, Founder of Parkes Content Services and creator of Bloomsbury Professional’s Tax Planner Interactive product Read more

Autumn Statement 2015

A review of some of the key announcements in 2015’s third Budget Read more

The problem facing individual landlords

Many individual landlords will need to restructure their lettings business over the next five years in order to avoid huge tax increases. The problem is caused by a change in the tax treatment of... Read more

The Government Targets Residential Property

The tax landscape for residential property owners has changed drastically in recent years, as the Government has felt obliged to address issues raised in the media regarding the residential property... Read more

Enforcement by direct deduction from accounts (Direct Recovery of Debt)

The current Finance Bill contains the proposed legislation for HMRC’s new power to take tax that you owe direct from your bank account (Direct Recovery of Debt). It is not clear when it will come... Read more

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