One Month in a Minute: June 2018

Draft legislation for Finance (No 3) Bill The government announced on 11 June that it will publish draft clauses for Finance (No 3) Bill on 6 July 2018, along with accompanying explanatory notes, tax... Read more

EU Directive: new mandatory disclosure rules and their impact in the UK

On 25 June 2018, significant new EU cross border direct tax disclosure rules came into force, which will have an impact on businesses across the bloc. Read more

Blog: UK Research and Development Third Edition

UK Companies can now retrieve up to 33% of their RD spend through HMRC reliefs and tax credit payments. Yet fewer than an estimated 37% of Companies eligible for this important funding do so. UK... Read more

One Month in a Minute: May 2018

GOING DIGITAL HMRC announced in a Public Accounts Committee session on 30 April 2018 that its digital transformation programme was being slowed down in some areas, to meet demands for resource as a... Read more

One Month in a Minute: April 2018

FINANCE ACT 2018 Finance Act 2018 has received Royal Assent and may be found at Bloomsbury’s new legislation service for subscribers; related documents may also be found on the parliamentary website... Read more

Intangible Fixed Assets

An important potential advantage of trading through a limited company (as opposed to a partnership or sole trader) is the availability of tax relief for the amortisation of goodwill under the... Read more

Court of Appeal rejects HMRC’s appeal against SHIPS 2 scheme

Court of Appeal rejects HMRC’s appeal against SHIPS 2 scheme Read more

Tax Review VAT Roundup

HMRC confirms change to ‘fallback’ provisions Read more

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Mark McLaughlin highlights a potential stumbling block for taxpayers seeking to claim capital gains tax relief on the disposal of a residence. The fundamental requirement for an... Read more

Jointly Held Property

An article by Mark McLaughlin Read more

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