Pentana have supplied industry leading Financial Disclosure Checklist technology via the Checker Software for over 20 years.

Now Bloomsbury Professional have teamed up with Pentana to offer you high-quality, digital, financial disclosure checklists at an industry-leading price.

Developed by dedicated industry experts, Bloomsbury Professional’s Disclosure Checklists are an easy-to-use, software-based alternative to paper checklists that will allow you to accurately complete complex assessments in faster and more cost-effective way.

How does it work? 

Disclosure Checklists use an intelligent tailoring process that takes key information about the company you are reviewing and uses it to quickly determine exactly which disclosures are required.

This expert tailoring system filters out all of the irrelevant information for you, so you no longer need to waste valuable time assessing questions that are not applicable to the accounts you are reviewing. By presenting you with only the disclosures that are relevant to your clients, it is possible to include a broader set of standards in each checklist.

Checklists available from Bloomsbury Professional

All checklists are available on an annual subscription basis and are for 1-3 users:

• Companies (private companies applying UK GAAP) £150.00
• Limited Liability Partnerships £75.00
• Charities £75.00
• Higher and Further Education Institutions £75.00
• Registered Social Landlords £75.00

Save time, save money and reduce risk

Bloomsbury Professional’s Disclosure Checklists will help you to save time, save money and reduce risk.

Be assured that you are up to date and compliant

The checklists are updated throughout the year in line with changes to Companies Legislation and UK accounting standards, including FRS 102 (or ‘new UK GAAP’) and relevant Statements of Recommended Practice (SORPS).

No need to start from scratch each year

Each completed checklist can be revisited and updated the following year, saving time and allowing you to quickly build a clear picture of a client’s year-on-year performance.

Complete professional work in a faster more cost-effective way

The intelligent tailoring within each checklist allows employees below Partner level to confidently carry-outcomplex assessments, freeing partners’ time to complete more in-depth fee earning work.

Extra assurance that the disclosures made are correct for your client

Additional information is provided with each question helping you to understand exactly why a particular question is being asked. This makes Bloomsbury Professional Checklists an excellent training tool, as well as a practical day-to-day resource.

No need for lengthy review processes and sign-off meetings

Users can raise queries and add comments to the checklist to illustrate why specific answers have been given, providing partners with all the information they need to quickly complete the sign-off process.

Get rid of paper checklists forever! Go digital and make sure that completing disclosure checklists is no longer a repetitive and time-consuming drain on your resources.

Free trials coming soon at

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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