HMRC enquiries - The importance of taking notes at meetings

An important aspect of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) enquiries into tax returns that is sometimes underestimated is meetings between taxpayers (and their agents) and HMRC officers, and the notes... Read more

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Join us for our KickStart Masterclass - a free online product demo and live Q&A with our product and industry experts. Have you trialled our online tax service, but have questions? Read more

Settlor-interested trusts – Another ‘downside’ for settlors.

There are various,  potentially adverse, tax implications where an individual settles cash or other assets on trust but is capable of benefitting from the trust. Various anti-avoidance rules exist... Read more

Transactions in securities – The revised rules two years on.

The anti-avoidance provisions regarding Transactions in Securities (TiS) have been around in one form or another since the 1960s. Such is the significance of the provisions that even many non-tax... Read more

Directors’ loan accounts – Common pitfalls and traps

HMRC seems to regard directors' loan accounts (DLAs) as a ‘risk’ area, in which there is the potential for errors. Such is HMRC's concern that they have produced a 'Directors' Loan Account Toolkit',... Read more

Anne Fairpo discusses CFC reform and IP

CFC reform and IP Read more

Share loss relief – Satisfying the conditions for income tax relief

It is probably a sign of the present hard economic times that more taxpayers seem to be seeking tax relief for losses on investments in shares and business loans. This is reflected in the number of... Read more

Private residence relief

The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief on disposal of an individual’s only or main residence is very valuable and well known. Taxpayers are generally aware of the need to reside in the property, which is... Read more

HMRC: Time to Pay

Most tax professionals and many taxpayers will be familiar with the concept of ‘time to pay’ (TTP) arrangements with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The basic position of HMRC is that tax is payable... Read more

HMRC Enquiries

Most tax agents involved with enquiry work will be familiar with the HMRC practice of 'spreading'. This generally occurs when there is an agreed addition to the taxpayer's income for the year of... Read more

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