Employment Status – The Big Picture. Why does it matter anyway?

By David Kirk, MA, FCA, CTA Read more

Loans to traders: Guarantee payments

A capital loss can arise on a loan to a trader that has become irrecoverable. Relief is also available for certain payments made under guarantee in respect of a qualifying loan. Both types of relief... Read more

Penalties for late returns – Potential problems with delivery by post.

The penalty regimes for failure to pay tax (FA 2009, Sch 56) and failure to make returns (FA 2009, Sch 55) can result in significant penalties in some cases. One day can make all the difference, in... Read more

Case Study #1 - Reviewing the FA 2012 changes to the fixtures rules video demo

This video demo, by Steve Savory, shows how to use the Bloomsbury Professional Online site to review the changes to the fixtures rules in FA 2012 and share content with colleagues and clients. Read more

Setting up and using a personal view - Bloomsbury Professional Online video demo

This 5 minute video demo by Steve Savory shows how to create and use a personal and confidential view of frequently used documents and searches on Bloomsbury Professional Online. Read more

Using more search features - Bloomsbury Professional Online video demo

In this short demo, Steve Savory examines how to add and remove search filters, limit the search to a single book, email a set of search results to a colleague and save a search alert. Read more

Disincorporation relief – How might the new tax relief work?

'Disincorporation' is broadly the process of a business changing its legal form from a limited company to a sole trader or partnership. This process generally involves a transfer of the business as a... Read more

HMRC enquiries - The burden of proof: should unexplained receipts be treated as additional taxable income?

Enquiries by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) into tax returns will often involve a review of all monies received, with a view to establishing whether taxpayers have declared all taxable income and gains.... Read more

Introducing Bloomsbury Tax Planner Interactive: Video Demo

Bloomsbury Tax Planner Interactive is our new online product which helps practitioners identify the appropriate planning to deal with the most frequently encountered situations where clients are... Read more

Penalties for tax return errors – ‘Special reductions’ and suspensions of penalties

Most tax practitioners will be familiar by now with the penalty regime for errors in tax returns and other documents (FA 2007, Sch 24). The level of penalty broadly depends on whether an error was... Read more

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