CGT: Main residence election - Some points to note about the election.

An individual who is fortunate enough to have more than one residence may well find a main residence election useful in terms of optimising private residence relief. The legislation concerning the... Read more

Loss relief on shares - The importance of completing the formalities.

Loss relief on shares Read more

Courts and Tribunals: Julian Harris summarises selected recent decisions.

Delaware LLC member not entitled to double tax relief on his share of profits Read more

One Month in a Minute - Sarah Laing, Busy Practitioner

ALL TAXES Read more

VAT News & Cases Round-up

Andrew Needham, Busy Practitioner Read more

Number of HMRC investigations into IR35 trebles in matter of months

• 193 new investigations in less than a year Read more

SSP2 Go Live!

By Toby Harris Read more

HMRC enquiries: Reopening earlier years

Mark McLaughlin discusses the ‘presumption of continuity’, its application and possible limitations.   Read more

Private residence disposal: CGT or trading income?

Mark McLaughlin discusses a recent case in which HMRC challenged CGT treatment. Read more

What's New? Ray & McLaughlin's Practical Inheritance Tax Planning: 11th Edition.

" continues to be as fresh and stimulating as its original publication, but with the added benefit of the seasoned maturity that comes with age... an excellent reference work demanding prime... Read more

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