Northern tax professionals remain proud of their employers’ brand

A recent independent survey of professional tax advisors working across the north of England has indicated that despite recent adverse media comment regarding tax avoidance, a large percentage is still proud of the firm they work for.

“Over the last six months or so the reputation of the tax profession in the UK has taken a bit of a hammering from the media on the back of the reporting of widespread tax avoidance by high profile individuals and multinational groups” says Mike Longman, the Managing Director of Longman Tax Recruitment. “It has been hard to pick up a paper or listen to the news without being confronted by the seeming public outcry over the tax planning apparently undertaken by celebrities such as Jimmy Carr and multinational groups like Starbucks, Google and Amazon. However our recent survey suggests that this publicity has not undermined tax practitioners’ pride in the firms they work for”.

Mike adds, “We undertook an anonymous survey of tax professionals across the north of England and less than 20% stated that they were not proud of their employers’ brand despite the recent tsunami of adverse publicity (whilst almost half said they were either proud or very proud).

From my frequent discussions with senior people within the tax profession there is a real sense of frustration at how poorly informed much of the press comment on the tax avoidance debate has been. Perhaps the results of our survey show that those involved at the sharp end of the UK’s labyrinthine tax system, and who better understand the complexities involved in this debate, don’t recognise the image of the unscrupulous mercenary tax profession that the PAC amongst other has been promulgating." The survey was carried out during January and February 2013 and there were 73 respondents from across a broad spectrum of the local tax profession.

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Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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