No self-assessment filing penalties until 28 February!

HMRC announced on (Monday) afternoon that it had decided that 2019/20 tax returns filed online up to 28 February 2021 would no longer be subject to the £100 late filing penalty that normally applies for returns filed after 31 January.

Broadly, this gives taxpayers (and agents!) an extra 4 weeks to finalise and submit their 2019/20 tax returns. HMRC estimates that there are around 3million returns left to file, with 7 days on the clock (that is about 25% of the total projected 12million+ SA return population for 2019/20)

However, note:

  • This does NOT mean that the filing deadline has been extended. Rather, it seems that HMRC has decided to assume automatically that a taxpayer has a “Coreasonable excuse” for failing to file by 31 January, and will have taken steps to file within a reasonable timeframe afterwards, if they have in fact filed by 28 February. The distinction matters because this approach arguably causes the least disturbance to the underlying framework of Self-Assessment – e.g., enquiry and repair periods, etc. – and a return filed after 31 January will still count as ‘late’.
  • The payment deadline likewise remains 31 January, and interest (and potentially penalties) will be charged for payments made afterwards
  • Taxpayers will need to file before asking for Time to Pay

A couple of lines from the letter itself stand out:

1. “It has become increasingly clear from the filing rate that some taxpayers and agents cannot file on time”, and
2. “More than 42,000 customers have already used the [online 12-month payment plan] service”

(1) stands out because HMRC’s Chief Executive had written to the professional bodies only 7 days prior, to say “filing rates are still holding up well”, alongside the assurance that “agents are receiving similar customer service [on the Agent Dedicated Line] to our other telephone lines” which could, let’s face it, be interpreted in a number of ways (not the least damning of which is that the whole point of the ADL is to get a ‘better’ service).

(2) stands out because that is a very small number. Perhaps SA taxpayers really do not like the idea of having to make regular monthly payments of Income Tax…

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