Bloomsbury Professional to publish PwC's flagship financial reporting guidance

Bloomsbury Professional and PwC - a new and dynamic international relationship for the publication and promotion of the PwC Manual of Accounting.

Bloomsbury Professional will publish PwC’s flagship financial reporting guidance in November 2011.

The forthcoming 2012 edition of PwC’s Manual of Accounting suite will contain guidance on new standards including IFRS 10, ‘Consolidation’, IFRS 11, ‘Joint arrangements’, IFRS 12, ‘Disclosure of interests in other entities’ and IFRS 13, ‘Fair value measurement’, as well as key amended standards such as IAS 19 (revised), ‘Employee benefits’.

The Manual of Accounting and the PwC / Bloomsbury collaboration
PwC’s Manual of Accounting is designed for all preparers, users and auditors of financial statements.  The former include finance directors, with their financial reporting teams and their advisors; the preparers of management reports; and those responsible for corporate governance and their advisors.  The latter group includes investors, analysts, fund managers, regulators, academics, students and journalists. The PwC Manual of Accounting suite is specially designed to have different products to suit the requirements of the full range of plcs.  The 2012 edition will also be available in e-book format.

Bloomsbury is an independent international publisher with a diverse portfolio of publishing interests across trade, professional and academic publishing. It is strategically positioned, with a worldwide network of representatives and agents, to reach the full range of audiences for the Manual of Accounting.

Nigel Newton, Founder and Chief Executive of Bloomsbury Publishing, described the agreement with PwC as follows: “As Bloomsbury moves into a second quarter century of publishing, it is a great excitement to me to be identified by the world’s leading professional services firm as the publisher best suited for a collaboration that aims to maximise the potential of this flagship product.”

Peter Holgate, Senior Technical Partner, PwC: “We are delighted that Bloomsbury Professional will be taking the Manual of Accounting forward with us. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and collaborate with entrepreneurial companies; Bloomsbury has been a great success story in an industry that has faced massive change and we are confident that this innovative publishing relationship will be a firm and lasting one.”

For more information please email or call 01444 416119.

Editor’s notes:
1.    International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), issued by the International Accounting Standards Board based in London, now provide the global framework for corporate financial reporting.   Listed companies in major economies have either already adopted IFRSs, or have established time lines to converge with them or to adopt them in the near future.

2.    Thus, for example, the European Union, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, South Korea and Turkey have already fully adopted; Mexico will do so from 2012; China, India, Indonesia and the United States are now converging their national standards with IFRSs; Russia has partially adopted; and Japan permits their use by international companies.

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