You’re Winding Me Up!

Phoenix from the flames In 2016, new rules were introduced to stop a type of “phoenixism”. Not the old sort that really got HMRC’s goat where someone would pay all their debtors but HMRC and then... Read more

Chargeable event gains: A ‘just and reasonable’ remedy?

When an individual surrenders part of a life policy, a chargeable gain is triggered equal to the surrender proceeds less 5% of the premium for each year that the policy has been held. This method of... Read more

Marriage allowance: Claims and back-dated claims

The days before the end of the tax year are a good time for advisers to ensure that their clients have claimed all tax reliefs and allowances to which they are entitled, before another year falls out... Read more

Courts and Tribunals: February 2018

Tribunal was correct to find taxpayer failed to meet required condition to change his accounting date The Upper Tribunal (UT) has dismissed an appeal by a taxpayer who claimed that the First-tier... Read more

VAT news and cases roundup: February 2019

HMRC reached correct conclusion by a flawed decision-making process An appeal against a decision of HMRC to issue a notice of requirement (NoR) to provide security under VATA 1994, Sch 11, para... Read more

One Month in a Minute: February 2019

Spring Statement – 13 March The Chancellor has announced that the Spring Statement will be on Wednesday 13 March. Read more

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